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Super late but eh.  Had a black out for 4-5 days and completely forgot it was Christmas.

Where I am from Christmas is more of a “couples holiday” instead of a family one.  So I wondered how a ShinRan holiday date would go.  OH GAWD ALL THE DEAD BODIES, ALL OF THEM.  I can see Ran being so used to this that she just enjoys the whole date as normal though haha.  Oh dear she’s going to gain weight over the holidays.

As to why Ran’s beating up Santa well that’s linked to my past Christmas comics haha.

Poor Shinichi.  He didn’t even get to eat ;u; ahaha.  Maybe you should just stay inside for Christmas next year.  

*The “suspects” are random friends from DCTP forum.

**Also on dA: 


These pictures were taken at the Dojaku in November 2013 in Dortmund a few weeks ago. :3 Our showgroup performed the stage play “Detective Conan - The Thief of the Desertrose”.

I’m so in love with my awesome Cosplaygroup. <3!

Have some expressions! <3


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Thats’ my Version from “Do you wanna build a Snowman” from Elsa’s Side. It’s not perfect, so Nobody’s perfect. The Lyrics are really lovely. 
Here is the Link where i got it.